Natalie S. – Vallejo, CA

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Alcohol is my drug of choice. Years of drinking and calamity of events (life-threatening health issues, professional matters, and personal relationships) brought me to my knees in search of the impatient treatment my husband and I knew I needed.

We were reading River Source’s website at the same time as a nonprofit treatment search group called us about River Source. Holistic, 12 step was very important to me-healthy, non-chemical, and non-invasive. I was on the plane the next day.

My experience at the River Source, from the moment they picked me up at the airport until the completion of my 30 day treatment was incredible. The staff is very diverse and each brings tremendous experience and knowledge all working in harmony-very loving and compassionate. It is almost dismissive to say that it is a 12 step, holistic drug/alcohol treatment center. Lessons learned are infinite and prepared me for life outside of River Source.

I entered River Source filled with despair, guilt, shame, and disgrace. My first lessons were “you are not alone” and “you are a good person that did bad things”. I leave River Source with my faith in my higher power strongly in place. River Source has helped me discover and re-define who I am in my new found sobriety and has given me invaluable tools to navigate my life in recovery. I would absolutely without hesitation recommend River Source to anyone who is ready to achieve sobriety from alcohol and or drugs.