Nicco – May 2011

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I came here for 90 days and stayed sober for at least 9 months. I relapsed and absolutely knew The River Source was the place for me. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. The River Source fits me the best even though I haven’t been anywhere else. I came into The River Source broken, depressed, etc.. I didn’t come out of my room for a week. Everyone here pushed me to come out of my shell always checking on me, asking how I am doing, do I need anything, etc. Very welcoming, loving and supportive at all times. The River Source helped me in ways I cannot explain. If it wasn’t for The River Source I don’t know where I’d be. My life today is still life but a lot better than when I got here. Total 360, of course I would recommend the River Source. This place has a spiritual condition or being in and around this facility I cannot explain. I have seen miracles.