Nicco – October 2010

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All I can say is from this time last year to where my son was –If someone would have told me the all of the accomplishments and what he would be doing same time this year I would have said NOWAY–But ya know what for those believers and non believers–There is a GOD–There is FAITH—-There is HOPE–There is a WILL AND A WAY when there is DETERMINATION of a better life and wanting to LIVE and not die—This is all through Family Friends who care and support for the people we love and I want to thank you all for you sincere caring and support for me and my family during our dark times in our lives—Ye everyone has these days and times in each family but its wonderful when someone can really see the whole package…Read this article and you will see that He is back and Back for good–He is Flying on a natural High and what is better than A Natural high on LIFE..We love all of you and thank you for many prayers… We know that we did the right thing and with the help our such Wonderful, compassionate, loving, caring people at The River Source we knew we did the right thing by sending Nicco there–Thank you River Source–and you know who you are…..Hopefully he will be back in AZ to get his 1 year chip with you guys…

All is well here hope all is well with you

Love to all xoxoxo:-*

-Denise and Joe