Nicholas S. – October 2009

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I am taking time to write to tell you of the progress that my mother has had after attending a month long re-hab session there. She now attends AA regularly, and has become overall a much more positive person. She is sober and able to go on trips to visit me without a whole mess of excuses and negativity. I think of you all often and want you all to keep doing what you are doing, and keep doing it the way you are doing it.

I have attended AA with her on several occasions, and have really come to realize how unique of a place River Source is. I had no idea what a wonderful program you had going until I heard the stories of other people’s rehabilitation. Your introduction to yoga, holistic medicine, and group discussions with Deepak Chopra cards sets you worlds apart. I think my mom said she also saw the “Secret” there, and I was so amazed to hear you introducing this to your guests. That is a great film for an alcoholic or addict.

There are so many things to thank you all for, but I know that when you get lost in the shuffle and business of running day to day operations, and surrounding yourself with people who have put themselves in negative states of mind, that you can forget how fresh life is and how wonderful you really are. So, please take a moment, silent yourself, and recognize, “I am healing people who need it. I am healing myself as I do this. I am the better world I want to see. I might not be perfect, but I am whole.”

Thank you ALL so much and I know I’ll never meet you all, but I will keep your organization fresh in my mind and know that change is possible.


Nicholas S. – Massachusetts