Nik M. – April 2013

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My family convinced me that I needed treatment. Also I had pending legal charges that I could not stay clean for. My family told me to find a rehab and call around for help. I found the River Source on the internet and was really the only place we could afford. Also the activities and freedom they offered also really helped me with my recovery. My experience is an experience I will never forget, wish it could have been longer. Realistic problems and issues of everyday life, like chores, the structure, the staff has REALLY HELPED me open my eyes, there’s more to life than drugs and alcohol. Took almost a month to to really understand and grasp the the serious of this disease. The River Source helped me to deal with my emotions and be able to express and accept them. And thoughts are just that, thoughts. To live life sober and life on life’s terms. My life has pulled a 180, really excited to jump into sober living. Would recommend The River Source to everyone, sober or loaded. I wish every addict and alcoholic to commit longer to experience a spiritual awakening and experience life sober long enough to enjoy what life has to offer. 5 stars I think I learned more in 60 days than the past 6 years. Really, Really have a great group in of staff here, that actually care for each and everyone of us. Means a lot to me! Can’t forget Colleen, which really opened my eyes and straightened me out A LOT! Really appreciate it. Sharmyn got me to brake down, almost, but she’a a really good Life Coach! and thanks to Rusty for “hopefully” believing in me and giving me a second chance! I am very Grateful to have gotten an opportunity to share my recovery with everyone here!

– Nik M.