Olivia R. – January 2013

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What brought me to The River Source is my alcoholism and drug use. It was out of control and I was living in the vicious cycle and I wanted it to end. I didn’t really choose The River Source; my insurance didn’t cover the place I wanted to go to so I came here. My experience at The River Source wasn’t fun at first, I had issues finding friends and fitting in. I soon realized it didn’t matter, once I realized that my stay got a lot better. The River Source helped me learn tools to help me stay sober, how to cope with my problems, and helped me reconnect with my higher power. My life is much happier now and there are a lot less things that bother me anymore. I would most definitely recommend The River Source. Thank you to all the staff members here for teaching me, having patience with me and showing me a good example of happy clean people.


Olivia R