Omar A. – March 2012

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I came to The River Source partially because I recognized the fact that I needed the help, and my family and friends had told me for years that it was necessary. My brother had interned at the Naturopathic Clinic and swore by this facility, and that is how I was directed to this place, nothing happens by mistake. The experience I was given here is unlike anything I have ever had before. The River Source helped me to find God, find sobriety, realize my defects, accept change, look for growth, and so much more. My life now is on a level I never thought attainable. I am happy with who I am, knowing it is ok to make mistakes and recognize my imperfections, which in the past was never okay, and with God I never have to be alone. I would recommend The River Source as my number one recommendation for treatment whenever possible.

I would like to thank all the staff here for so much, the care and genuine love from everyone was something I have never felt before. From the bottom of my heart, I love you all and thank you dearly such an amazing place where God works through all his children. THANK YOU ALL! See you all soon (for a visit).

Omar A. 3/16/12