Pam G. – November 2012

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I came to The River Source seeking help for my depression/anxiety and alcoholism. I wanted to attend an inpatient program away from Tucson. In addition, I was intrigued by the holistic approach to recovery. My experience has been very beneficial. Staff and clients are very accepting and encouraging. Staff (everyone) has been kind, caring, knowledgeable and welcoming. Initially, I felt a bit out of place since I was the oldest one here. That feeling quickly gave way to the recognition that The River Source was a great place for me. Through the program, I have gained physical strength, regained mental clarity and spiritual connection. I have recognized that I can develop a healthy social circle of fellowship through AA. I have an enhanced prospective about my own character defects/shortcomings and how these have affected my relationships, life, and addiction. I am clear on the need to assure (and make changes) a better balance in my life. I have several pending life events (divorce, legal, job) that will be challenging. My experience here has helped me prepare mentally and spiritually for the outcome of these events. I have greater faith, hope, and acceptance. I will definitely recommend The River Source for others. The program is sound, solid, and effective.


Pam G