Paul P. – May 2011

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My story is a long and hard one! I started using very young and went through a ton of abuse as a kid. This combination of anger fueled addiction was a near lethal and miserable lifestyle for me. I spent time in jail, homeless, in and out of detox’s and treatment centers all over Texas and the south. One thing I talked about while I was here this time was my special knack for picking sick girls out of treatment centers and 12 step meetings and taking them on long dope runs which ended with one of us going to jail or complete demoralization and physical collapse. I will use anything outside of myself to change how I feel, even if it doesn’t feel good. I guess you could say I’m addicted to things that really make me feel bad; crazy relationships, dope and booze. My life was a WAR. Thanks to The River Source Staff, my sponsor and peers here; I’m walking out of here with the ability to look the world in the eye.

-Paul P.