Phillip C. – July 2013

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I was lost in a dark world of substance abuse. I had forgotten who I was before. I was tired of trying the same thing and looking for a different result. It was only getting worse each time I uses. My family was able to find The River Source easily via the internet. The naturopathic approach was one I had never experienced. I arrived on May 5 uncertain if I’d ever get my life back. From the moment I arrived here the staff greeted me in a very friendly way. I was made comfortable and was put at ease. I was very down that first day. It is amazing what even just a smile can do for one’s spirit. The clients here all came right up to me and assured me that things would get better and that if I just gave it a chance that miracles would happen. I have seen miracles happen on a daily basis here. I’m one. Today with the help of God the staff and with my fellow addicts I look to the Lord with a grateful heart.

I was advising anyone who has the disease of addiction to seek out help. The River Source was the path I chose. I would recommend it to even the worst case. Beautiful people working with beautiful people. I am a grateful recovery addict on a journey and I am so blessed that it was here. Hope to see you soon.

– Phillip C