Phoenix, AZ

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My life had become unmanageable due to my use of meth and heroin. Because I had been to Chandler Valley Hope twice before and relapsed both times so I wanted to try something new. My experience here was like no other, the people are great, very supportive and everyone here wants to truly get better and cares about each other. The River Source has helped me realize that there is another way of living other than the one I was living connected me with some great people that I hope will be lifelong friends in the fellowship. Get me set up with a continuing care plan, and most importantly I truly believe The River Source saved my life. My life is not perfect but I see the way to make it better and The River Source showed me the steps to do so. Yes! To anyone who wants help. The River Source is a great program, your step four assignment is eye opening, this program showed me a way to be truly happy again thank you for everything.

-Phoenix, AZ