Ray D. – Virginia

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My son just celebrated his 1 year anniversary of sobriety. He is 25 and previously had not been sober for 8 years. He was expelled from High School for drugs, failed to complete college due to drugs (yes, we worked to get him into another high school and then a college), and spent 10 days in a coma due to a drug related auto accident. When he finally realized he could not control his drug use, he asked for help. The first in-patient program he tried was not effective; he ended up on the street in Washington DC a month after graduation.

We found River Source through a friend who sent her son to the program. After a 90-day stay at River Source, he moved into a sober living facility for 5 months. Now he has an apartment with a friend from the program (also sober), has a job (as a yoga instructor), and is looking to finish his outstanding college credits. Most importantly he still goes to 12-step meetings most days, works the steps, meets with his sponsor, sponsors other recovering addicts, and more often than not is happy and can find a place of serenity inside himself.

What he learned at River Source and through the subsequent steps he took is amazing; his life is completely different today. Recovery is truly a miracle. And what we learned as a family- how not to enable his use and how to support his sobriety, was equally amazing. I strongly recommend River Source to your family.

My son just celebrated his 1 year anniversary of sobriety.