Rebecca S.

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For the past 25 years I have struggled with Alcoholism and Addiction. I finally have had enough pain and suffering from this disease and decided to seek treatment. I am 40 years old and lead a healthy, fit lifestyle except when it comes to alcohol or drugs. I came to River Source on June 25, 2014. The staff immediately took me under their wing and began to help me heal. The first few days of detox the doctors and nurses were there for me 100%, giving me IV vitamin bags, medicine to help lose the pain of withdrawal and anxiety. I received massage therapy to help speed recovery, help with detox, anxiety and muscle and joint pain. The counselors and life coaches were amazing. I felt safe and comfortable and was able to really work through several issues that have kept me sick and in my disease. The second week I received acupuncture and chiropractic care which helped me a great deal with my anxiety and detox. The group meetings, lectures held by doctors specializing in addiction played a huge part in my recovery and education about this disease. I feel with the structured days River Source has helped me have a solid foundation for living a sober life. One of my favorite parts of the River Source was the morning yoga outside. I am a yoga teacher and this was a huge part of my recovery. Along with yoga our daily workouts at the YMCA helped me regain natural energy and confidence. I would recommend this holistic treatment facility to anyone suffering from an addiction. It is designed to heal your mind, body and spirit. The holistic approach for me has helped me find my true self again. Thank you River Source for changing my life.