Redlands, CA

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I was brought to The River Source by one of my best friends Matt D., whom has three years in the program. I was broken, beat down, and tired. My family wanted nothing to do with me. I had no friends. I was at a real crossroads in my life. I wanted to DIE, that was my plan. How selfish I was willing to leave behind my future wife, my family including a 15-year-old brother. Since walking through those doors and coming to a place of complete surrender my life has changed drastically 180 turn around. My family has been coming back around, my future wife is by my side I have a solid foundation and a sober network of guys I can call on at any point and time. My life today of course is not where I want it to be but I thank God everyday it’s not where it used to be, for that I’m beyond grateful to The River Source.

-Redlands, CA