Renee M. (Mother of Client)

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“God Bless The River Source

You provided exactly what my daughter needed.

You provided much more than detox which removes the chemicals from the body, leaving a void in a scared and confused person.

You helped my daughter to remember what is really important in life and most importantly to remember the beautiful, loving and caring person she really is.

The individual components of the program such as the attention of the staff, medical care and counselors provide an environment where positive energy can occur. Beyond the tangible aspects of the program exists an intangible undefinable essence that can profoundly effect the people in The River Source. It is easy to see the love and care that developed among the residence who learn to love and accept themselves and each other. Thanks to The River Source I have my genuine daughter back with the fresh outlook she possess for her future, I am optimistic and confident that she will continue to develop into the wonderful person she is meant to be.”

-Renee M.