Richard M. – July 2013

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What brought me to The River Source was the need to detox from 2 years of dependence on anti-anxiety medications, (Benzos) a yearlong crack run, and a very destructive month using crystal meth. Alcohol fueled this lethal combination. My addictions were spiraling out of control. I was beaten and my family was losing all patience dealing with this self-destruction. The River Source somehow appeared on line and I took the action necessary to secure a bed and book the dates. After struggling to make the flights I had booked, I was able to take a leap of faith to get out of this mess and myself some help. Overall, everyday has had its struggles here, at The River Source. It was a rough detox; I found it hard to properly express myself. I put a lot of faith in the medical staff and then turned to the counselors and peers for guidance. The peers kept changing but the message at The River Source is strong. I worked the steps and am feeling much more at peace with myself. I can listen clearly and have a new spiritual sense now. I can truly say The River Source is a special place and Casa Grande is a loving community.


Richard M