Richard Q. – April 2012

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My addiction to alcohol brought me to River Source. River Source was recommended by my IOP, Desert Star ARC in Tucson. In the short time I’ve known Richard Poppy, I’ve realized I can trust him and accept his advice without reservation. There are no words to describe how terrified I was when checking in on Friday. Filling out the admission papers was a multiple emotional event for me. I knew I needed help and felt good about starting, but the shame built and embarrassment was lurking right behind. That first night, when I learned how high my blood pressure was only added to my fear. FortunatelyYsidro found a way to calm me enough to be able to start treatment, I felt better immediately. In the short time at River Source I’ve made many friends, most of whom I would not have even spoken to prior to River Source. I’ve learned that addiction has no preferences. I’ve shared my personal fears, discoveries, likes and dislikes with my new family at River Source. It was a great first step on my journey to sobriety, recovery, and happiness. Would I recommend River Source? ABSOLUTELY! River Source saved my life and for that I will be eternally grateful. I plan on visiting when the events of my life permit and I will honor your service by remaining sober for the rest of my life.


Richard Q