Robert L. – Jan 2012

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I did not want to come to treatment. I only came to please my family. We found the River Source in the Google search engine and decided on it. My experience at the River Source was unlike any other experience in my life. I learned to love myself. Only with the great curriculum and the aid of the staff was I able to fin d any sort of a higher power. My presentation of my step one to the group may very well be the most humbling and “eye opening” experience of my life. It is hard for me to put into words everything that the River Source has done for me and my spiritual growth. The friends I have made here will forever be in my heart and prayers. If you ever feel that life sucks and that God has abandoned you and that you’re only solution is the bottle or suicide… call the River Source. It will be a life changing experience, literally!

Robert L. 1/16/12