Roger Brown, Prescott Valley, AZ

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I came to The River Source to get help in stopping my addiction to prescription opiate pain pills and alcohol. I chose to come here after having called several rehabilitation facilities in the central AZ area and finding them cold, indifferent, non-responsive or very expensive… not so here! The staff was courteous, caring and quick to give needed information. My Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance covered all but a few hundred dollars. I was told, they had a bed for me and to, “Come on down.” I experienced what their website said and more. This is a modern, clean caring oasis in the desert. I gained knowledge, acceptance, spirituality and hope from, The River Source to beat 6 years of being controlled by addiction. I am clear headed and free to live my life as a new, joyful and exciting second chance. I feel stronger and full of peace then I have ever felt before. The River Source can work this miracle in your life, if you truly are willing to throw off those chains of addiction… one link at a time…one step at a time. Your life will change in so many positive ways, but you must do it for yourself. Age is no issue here. From only being in your 20’s or in your 60’s (as I am) you be blessed beyond measures if you just, “Come on down!”

-Roger Brown, Prescott Valley, AZ