Rosey P. – Feb. 2012

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My son, Nick, has struggled for most of his 23 years and nothing was working to make his life better. Nick’s coping skills were to pop a pill for any emotional distress he was experiencing. He was ready to be done with life as he felt miserable inside and he was HOPELESS!!

Well that was the case until I discovered The River Source in the small town of Casa Grande, Arizona. Nick was at the River Source for only 5 weeks but what a difference it has made in his life. The River Source taught Nick coping skills, the counseling was excellent, the doctors were very caring and wonderful, along with very caring and compassionate staff. Nick is finally interacting with his peers (he has faced alot of rejection in his life) and is starting to feel good about himself.

As a parent, The River Source gave me peace of mind to know that Nick was in a safe and caring environment. During a phone conversation I had with an employee, he stated, “watching Nick come out of his shell is a beautiful transformation”!! Needless to say, my heart has never smiled so big. In a nutshell, The River Source was a miracle in our life and I am very grateful for the holistic program they provide. Thank you to all who were involved in Nick’s care; I will be forever grateful to this wonderful program!!!!

Rosey P.