Russell (Father of Client) -Dec 2010

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Please allow me to intrude into your busy day to commend you and your staff for the intense and, I believe, efficacious, care Barbara has received over the past two weeks. Although my list of “heroes” may inadvertently omit some staffers by name, the entire program merits sincere and heartfelt appreciation from my family:

  • You, yourself, have remained stalwart and committed in your supervisory capacity of the staff and facility.
  • Brenda has been active on almost a daily basis in responding to Barbara’s special needs and frequent crises.
  • Drs. Spooner, Lacoss, Berkner, and Tonqui [please excuse misspellings] have been very, very intensely supportive on a daily basis. I believe that while all doctors have been “super”, Dr. Spooner merits special mention and I thank God for her special care and concern.
  • The cooks, James and Israel both go “above and beyond” to aid Barbara given her “denture problem”—a source of ongoing frustration and pain.
  • Anne, Barbara’s counselor, has been an angel to our daughter.
  • The special speakers at the meetings have been pivotal in increasing Barbara’s faith and courage to see this through.
  • Barbara’s roommate, Jenny, has been like a sister to her, making special accommodations and conferring daily favors.
  • A number of “techs” are involved with the program, most of whom I have not noted by name but who have rendered compassionate care to our daughter.

Although you are likely better aware of Barbara’s ongoing struggles, in part the product of eight years of addiction, and in part the result of serious “mechanical” spinal diseases and conditions, I want to briefly mention and thank your staff for their ongoing revision of Barbara’s program in light of her exceptional needs. In this regard, I believe that our family was honest, even candid, in acknowledging that Barbara had a longstanding addiction which was life threatening in scope and duration and which would require special attention. We also promised, and Barbara promised, to devote herself to the program and strive to fulfill every requirement to the best of her present ability. My wife and I believe that events after Barbara’s admission has confirmed that our extensive discussion of Barbara’s spine disorders was appropriate—and that Barbara’s desire to “kick her habit” was sincere.

I do want to note our sincere gratitude to all staff for addressing Barbara’s needs, including:

  • Migraines
  • Sleeplessness
  • Ongoing denture problems
  • SPASM—both whole body and lower limbs
  • Chronic pain, weakness, and back limitations

Having had lower lumbar surgery myself, for a sequestered disc at L5-S1, and subsequent re-herniations at L4-S1, I have personal knowledge of just how limiting degenerative disc disease can be. I wear an orthopedic “corset” every day; carry a special Sacro-Ease chair insert wherever I go; resort to ice pack self-treatments several times each day; and use pain and anti-inflammatory meds (mostly OTC) every night. Thus, I believe that Barbara’s inability to walk or sit for any period of time without pain is very real and very realistically the product of her own multiple levels of spine disease. My wife and I have watched, helplessly, as California’s Workers’ Compensation system refused to address her problems for years other than by prescribing the opiates and benzos which have made our daughter’s life hell. Fortunately, we were guided to your program to find relief and the start of a life-long commitment to recovery.

Some of the key features of the staff’s care for Barbara which are aiding in her recovery include :

  • Discussion and consensus among all physicians as to treatment
  • 24/7 availability of staff, including doctors, to deal with the more intense flair ups which have arisen
  • Flexibility in scheduling including, most recently, a decision to postpone indefinitely any gym or yoga activity
  • Special consideration as to extra “breaks” and rest time
  • Dietary consideration needed by ongoing denture problems.

We were thrilled at Barbara’s excitement over the presentation of her first “step”. We believe her very soul is being changed by her experiences there, and that with the Grace of God she can successfully become and stay drug free. In this regard, we would welcome information as to the literature she has been assigned. Perhaps Sheri and I could follow along with her reading, if that seems to you like a good idea. At this time, our support is manifested by daily “web video” chats, periodic shipments of needed supplies, and constant prayer.

Please convey to all of your staff our thanks for their daily struggles with Barbara and many other needy patients. If needed, please consider advising Cal. Workers’ Compensation of any special diagnostic or remedial treatment which might improve Barbara’s recovery. We are in this very deep hole because of doctor malpractice. California made our daughter what she is, and they have acknowledged their duty to pay for her cure. That you will continue with your wonderful administrations, through new crises and challenges, is the prayer of our family.