Samantha C. – Tucson, AZ

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I came to The River Source when I found myself using heroin daily and wanting to stop but just not knowing how. No matter what I tried. I always picked up again, even when the conviction not to use again was made only a few minutes before.

My mom gave me a brochure for the River Source she chose it because of the holistic aspect and the importance put on spiritual health.

My stay at The River Source was the hardest and most life changing and hopeful experience I have ever had. The River Source has helped me realize my disease and the seriousness of my condition. They have helped me realize the spirituality that I had repressed and been ashamed of for so long. I have learned how to deal with cravings and mental obsessions that come along with addiction. I have also learned how to create a strong community of sobriety so that I can avoid isolation and relapse. Now I have hope for the future my life is going in a positive direction, now that I am clean and sober all of my goals are attainable.

I would absolutely recommend River Source to anyone who has substance abuse problems and wants to have a better life.