Samuel C-Benson, AZ

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Before I checked into The River Source I was unable to manage my own life. I repeated a vicious cycle by using prescription pills and alcohol just to get through the day. I was miserable. Each day the emptiness grew.

I had been at The River Source for a five day detox, but I eventually went back to my old habits and eventually relapsed. I decided that I would admit myself for their 30 day program and genuinely give everything I could to their treatment plan.

Of course this was difficult at first, but I stayed true to my word, took the staffs suggestions, and low and behold, things became much easier.

I believe that the amount of effort and work that you dedicate to your personal recovery is a direct result of the benefits that you will receive.

My life today is the complete opposite of the way I used to live. I am now happy and content with each day, no matter what life throws my way.

By working the 12-step program and taking The River Sources suggestions, I now have internal peace.