Sandy C. – August 2013

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I was sure that my road of life was coming to a dead end. After hitting speed bumps, stop signs and forks in my road I was out of gas. I felt hopeless, alone and lost. River Source was a 12 step holistic approach which was all new to me. Any other way was better than mine so I committed to 60 days. I couldn’t be more grateful that I did. I was able to slowly start uncovering who I was. I learned that my addiction was not a choice, it was an actual disease. Relief set in and miracle started to occur by simply following suggestions. Life today is bright. I can see the road in front of me it’s smooth, clear and surrounded by beauty. I appreciate things today. I love myself today. Riversource gave me a healthy, comfortable, compassionate and understanding place to find my foundation. Working the 12 steps has allowed me to add to this foundation creating an arch through which I pass to freedom. If you are suffering with addiction no matter how big or small, there is an open door for you at River Source. I encourage you to walk through this door because miracles DO happen. We are not bad people we are sick people trying to get well.

– Sandy C.