Sarah B. – November 2012

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I came to The River Source for an opiate addiction. This was not my first treatment center and I just assumed that it wouldn’t work. When I was reading about this place, I was most scared of the detox. When the website said that they gave you vitamins and minerals that would make the detox easier, I said ok, I’ll give it a try. When I got here I was doubtful of a 5 day detox, but as my first week went on, instead of feeling worse, I sort of felt better. As I started to get into the program, I started seeing how different this place was compared to other rehabs. The staff actually cared about my recovery and they wanted me to have the serenity that they had. I have learned so much more in 30 days, then I have when I was in treatment for 12 months. This program teaches you how to change your whole life, not just to stop using drugs. I have noticed such a change in my life since I’ve been here. I am not depressed, I have acceptance of what happens, and I can feel true happiness that I haven’t felt in years. I am so grateful today for what The River Source has taught me. I would recommend The River Source to anyone who feels like life has no meaning and they feel hopeless. I now know that I have a life purpose and am hopeful that my life is just beginning and there are many more miracles wanting to happen, and now I have the tools to go out and live a sober prosperous life.

Sarah B