Scott S. – March 2013

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What brought you to The River Source? I could not control my drinking. Why did you choose The River Source? My wife found The River Source and one of her co-workers husband came here and she liked the results. What was your experience like at The River Source? The River Source has shown me that I am powerless to stop drinking without the help of a higher power. I read the Big Book and pray and meditate to become a better person and not to drink. How did The River Source help you? To be a better person, to control my emotions with the help of God. What is your life like now? My family life is better; I’m talking with my wife and children. With the help of God I can become a better person and not drink. Would you recommend The River Source? Yes. Anything else you would like to say? Thanks to The River Source staff, nurses, doctors, and lecturers. It has been a great experience.

– Scott S.