Sean – April 2013

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I was sent to jail for a crime I committed while using. While I was in jail my family stop talking to me on the phone. So I wrote them a letter begging them to help me with my addiction. Two weeks later I was bailed out and my father asked me what I wanted to do from here. I told him I need to go to a rehab. I chose The River Source because my insurance is accepted there.

My first experience at The River Source was walking into a group of people that were so happy. At first it was weird because I’ve been to a different treatment center and everyone was so depressed and did not want to be there. At The River Source it was different, people wanted to be there and get better. Everyone was so inviting so it was easy for me to open up to my disease and where it had brought me. The River Source helped me in so many ways. The staff are great people and they can really relate to everything I was going through.

When I came in I thought I was hopeless and there was no chance for me to recover. But with the program at The River Source I found Hope that I could recover. As long as I take it one day at a time and I deal with problems as they arise.

I would recommend The River Source to anyone that can’t deal with life on life’s terms, people that have any kind of addiction and anyone who just wants to live a happier and healthier life. Thanks to The River Source I feel better than I have in a long time. I feel better with myself clean and sober then I did drinking and using an eye out all to the RiverSource. – Sean