Sean E. – April 2013

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I was referred to The River Source from Clean Adventures. My experience here has been fantastic. The time I have spent here will never be forgotten. The staff here has helped me in many more ways than I can count. The medical staff were very kind, and have given me much, and contributing greatly in my experience and recovery in general. The BHPP’S/BHT’S were always there to help, picking me up when down and giving me the tools to get to the next level in my recovery process. I am eternally grateful to all staff for the love and care they have showed me. From the negative state I came here in The River Source has completely turned me around and set me on my feet again. I would definitely recommend The River Source to anyone struggling with substance abuse/dependence. The holistic homeopathic approach to the medical side of the program is outstanding. I am light years ahead of where I was when I came in and for that. Thank you!

Sincerely, Sean Ed