Sean F – August 2011

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I came to the River Source after a week-long binge spurred on by relationship problems my wife and I were experiencing. This episode led us to canvas the internet looking for the best program for the dollar. My wife found the River Source and fell in love with the holistic approach. Honestly, I fell in love with the price. I felt very welcomed and immediately had my first, of what would become many great meals! I acclimated to the schedule/program and soon saw the great potential. I took full advantage of all the amenities offered including the holistic medicine, yoga, massage, sauna, gym, fellowship meetings and group exercises. Through these I was able to examine my life closely with the comfort of a genuine group of recovering alcoholics and addicts. My life, while still a bit nerve racking, due to unsolved family issues, is in much more harmony then before coming to the Source. I have learned that through prayer and meditation and working the steps, sanity will come back to my life! I would (already have) recommend the River Source to friends and family.

Thank you for everything,

– Sean F