Sean A. – November 2012

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I came here after my 3 month relapse. I could not control my drinking and needed help. I found River Source on the internet and really liked what I saw. My experience here was good the first time and incredible after I came back for a second 30 day program. I learned and grew so much the second time once I got honest, accepted, and worked my program to the fullest and for myself. River Source helped me more than I can say. Lisa and Sharmyn were incredible. They helped me to access emotions other then the only one I could tap: anger. They helped me deal with so many issues that I didn’t even know were and issue. I learned acceptance, honesty, love for life, tools for recovery, I am not alone, powerlessness, how to give, how to ask for help, and how I can have a happy, sober life. I would recommend the River Source to someone in need, in a heartbeat. I would like to say thank you to Lisa, Sharmyn, Rusty, and all of the staff. I truly believe you have saved my life and I only hope I can pass on this gift to someone in need.

– Sean A. 11/19/12