Sean – October 2010

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Heroin brought me here. I had tried to stop but I just couldn’t. I needed help! I chose The River Source because I have talked to my cousin, Eric and was truly amazed in what I had heard, and I wanted what he had. He recommended me going to the Source. My experience here was truly amazing. It’s hard for me to put it into words, so I’ll just keep it simple. It was unbelievable!

You men and women have helped me out so much. You helped me see through my B.S. and helped me to realize that my problem wasn’t Heroin and other drugs, but it was me. You have all helped me build a huge tool box of spiritual tools I can use to deal with all my problems, but most importantly you taught me how to find my part, even when I didn’t think I had one.

My life today is like nothing I ever could have imagined. I actually smile, laugh and care about other people, for me that truly is God working in my life. All I can say is “wow!” I would recommend this place to anyone. You guys are doing it! Just keep doing it! You guys are rad! All I can say is thanks to you men and women who have shown me so much. From the bottom of my heart THANKS for everything!