Seth – June 2007

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My name is Seth. I’m 27 years old I started using crystal meth when I was 14 years old on a every day basis. I was involved in a lot of bad things, my life sucked. I was totally ok with the fact I was going to die a drug addict. My family didn¹t really want nothing to do with me, and the only friends (so I thought) had were up to the same stuff I was up to. Then one day I was facing 5 years in prison so I decided that I needed help, so I checked myself into the River Source. It was the best thing that ever happened to me, today I have 10 months clean and my life is awesome. Most importantly I have my self back today, my family, a job, I actually have life today, that doesn¹t revolve around drugs. The River Source has done so much for me I wouldn¹t even know where to begin. I am so grateful today that God put the River Source in my life. The River Source is were my life began again.