Shane C. – Rowe, NM

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I asked for help and became willing to do whatever I was told to do. My rehab counselor recommended River Source. While in River Source, the educational literature painted a picture in my head of what my disease looked like. I then was able to ask God exactly what I needed his help with. And in addition with a 12 step program, I feel hopeful for the future.

Intensive Outpatient Program also helped me realize that ACTION is the key to my recovery! I can have all the faith, knowledge, religion I want, but the fact is, unless I take real action and have a plan, I will drink again. It is true that “faith without works is dead!”

I would recommend River Source as part of a plan of action to stay sober. The miracle is I am not only sober, but reasonably happy as well. August and Jennifer are wonderful models of sobriety. Their sobriety shows that when we do what God might have us do, he does for us what we can’t do for ourselves. Thank you River Source for caring about this alcoholic!

– Shane C. Rowe, NM