Shane R. – May 2011

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I went to Casa Grande River Source for 30 days from November 8th to December 8th for heroin, methadone and xanax. I completed treatment, shortly after I relapsed which resulted in an overdose, heart attack and kidney failure. I chose Mesa River Source because my brother was in treatment there and something about this place was working wonders for his life. My experience here cannot be explained in words. God is now doing for me what I could never do for myself. River Source has helped me in miraculous ways, Rusty, Sharmyn, Chris, Phil and all the staff has given me so many tools and have been an amazing support team! They are all God sends. My life today is better than I have ever thought possible, the program is amazing! I would recommend the River Source to anyone who needs help; there is something very special here. River Source has helped so many people, without Mesa River Source I do not believe that I would be alive. I now have a thirst for life for the first time ever and I am so anxious to carry the message and continue having a life that gets better every day.

-Shane R.