Shari V. – Billings, MT

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I was drinking alcohol in isolation September through November. thought I had an alcohol withdrawal until I talked to my Psych and he explained what happened when I quit my anti-depressant cold turkey. I googled it, they accepted my insurance. Mark was good to talk to on the phone . It was very hard at first but it was very helpful in finding out things about myself and that my spiritual life was almost non-existent. Discovered I had not began the grieving process of my husbands death. Counseling/listening finding the puzzle piece I was missing. I feel rested and ready to begin to go through the steps of grief. I am much more spiritually connected. Realize the danger of drinking and will never take the chance on having a drink again. Have not had one craving but I have watched people I have got very close to dying from the disease. I feel incompetent to give advice about addiction. I have had a balanced life. Just really got out of control moving, new job, husband sick-dying, special needs son, single parenting kids- just simply overloaded. Most of all staff was very supportive. I definitely have better coping skills and realize what happened and what was lacking in my life. Yes, I would recommend addicts to River Source.