Stan – August 2012

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I came to The River Source after realizing that I no longer had any control over my drinking and was desperate to stop. At the age of 64 too many things in my life were going wrong and my depression deepened daily. A mutual friend had heard good things about the River Source and recommended it to me. I had no problems contacting the director who immediately was able to connect me with the counselor of my age who quickly took my call and made me feel welcome. The staff administrator’s are highly knowledgeable and made arrangements for me immediately. The great thing about these people is their knowledge of my addiction and through expertise were able to offer support and comfort.

Due to the staff’s depth of knowledge I was able to deal with the more serious problems I had accumulated in my life. This allowed me an emotional freedom I had never possessed. The River Source’s doctors and medical staff gave full attention to my medical problems and through their holistic approach carefully detoxed me. With the Natural medicines and nutritional meals I was able to regain a mental clarity and physical energy I had not experienced in decades. I am convinced that due to the unique philosophy of the river source, the staff and doctors have definitely given me the best tools possible to defend myself from relapse and to prepare myself for sober living. I would recommend strongly that anyone in need of the best holistic 12 step program contact the River Source before looking any further.

– Stan