Stephan C. – Gilbert, AZ

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I came to River Source after telling my wife that I was no longer able to manage my medication and my life. It really brought me to my knees.

I chose The River Source because my friend recommended it.

My experience at The River Source was great. I had a great counselor sessions that made me feel at peace and I learned a lot of tools that I will use for the rest of my life. Also the program itself has taught me tremendously. After taking my second step, I also regained my confidence, that and my awesome counselor. I am forever grateful to my counselor.

My life with the help of The River Source and my counselor has given me the courage to live daily life. I have regained my old self back before the addiction.

I would definitely recommend The River Source. I would like to thank my counselor the staff and the program.

Stephan C. – Gilbert, AZ