Stephen Lopez II – Needles, CA

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I was in a very bad state of mind because I was down and out with no job and no money due to my addiction to meth. I would go out and be gone for days at a time. I finally called and reached out to my sister for help. Very frustrated with me about going around in circles because of my habit, my sister found The River Source. My sister said I either would come here or no longer stay at her house. So I came here willingly to battle my addiction. I arrived here detoxing and once I got over it, I was able to see clearly again. I got myself balanced out spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally. I was able to gain insight on being sober and started working the 12 steps. The River Source was very helpful. I am very grateful and appreciative for all they have done for me.

-Stephen Lopez II
Needles, CA