Tempe, AZ

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I came to The River Source because of amphetamine and benzo addiction. After detox at valley hospital I was given a list of treatment centers that provided 30 days of inpatient rehabilitation. I then proceeded to look up each treatment center online. I was impressed by the services and holistic (mind, body, and spirit) in which The River Source provided treatment. In addition I was happy to find the great reviews by previous patients and the fact that The River Source followed the 12-steps. My experience at The River Source was amazing. The thorough level of care provided for my mind, body, and soul exceedingly impressed me. In addition I have never met with better staff or group of gentlemen whom never all focused on recovery. The River Source provided me with many tools to help me improve my relationships, deal with stress, and become more aware of triggers, so that I can successfully manage my recovery. Further, The River Source provided me with an excellent aftercare plan, allowing me to make many contacts in the community to aid in my recovery. To anyone considering treatment, I highly recommend The River Source, it has changed my life for the better in incredible ways.

-Tempe, AZ