Theo K. – May 2012

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My name is Theodore Klecan, I was brought to River Source due to drug addiction. I chose the River Source because they focus on the mind, body and spirit. I have had a very spiritual experience here at the Source. The Source has helped me build a spiritual guideline to grow in my relationship with my higher power. My life is peaceful and positive. I would recommend the Source to everyone. Also, the staff has helped me tremendously. Phil has helped me a lot and has given me hope. Phil is a huge part of my recovery as well as Lasrson, Zach, Jeff, Tara, Jerica, Lyndsay, Sharon, Cathy, Tabatha, Nate, Chris, Rusty, Sharmyn, Kim, Brad, Kasey, Dr.T, Liz, Linda and Henry, Duane, Izzy, Julie and Tony.


Theo K.

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