Tiffany P. – Jeffersonville, VT

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I came to The River Source when I finally admitted to myself that I am an alcoholic. I lost everything including my daughter, job, and license. I destroyed relationships. I was drinking about a gallon of vodka every two to three days. I had to, in order to be able to feel like I could function. So that the shaking would stop. So I wouldn’t feel sick. I was slowly killing myself, my organs were shutting down they call me a remarkable miracle at The River Source and they saved my life.

River Source helped me by giving me my life back I am now able to take my mask off and have never been a happier person. I remember who the real Tiffany is. I learned that my higher power still cares, loves and looks after me.

I chose The River Source because my mother is a naturopathic doctor and because they are about mind body and spirit. I came all the way from Vermont, to make this wonderful healing that the River Source and the big book gave me I will forever be grateful to all of the staff and the clients I lived with there for 30 days. River Source saved my life. So I highly recommend this treatment center. They are kind, patient, and comforting. You feel welcome by clients and the staff. We are all the same. Addicts or alcoholics, gamblers. We support each other and lean on each other resulting in a life of sobriety. I have never felt so healthy and happy. Thank you to River Source.