Tim D. – Phoenix AZ

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When I arrived at The River Source to come from another treatment center, unfortunately is more like a psychiatric ward. No pictures, no plans, and no high ceilings. I was so thankful that God had brought me to The River Source. I can finally see myself getting and staying sober in a clean positive environment. I have been in four other rehabs prior to coming to The River Source. The programming at The River Source is unlike anything I have ever seen. It is amazing. The staff show patients daily they are not here for paycheck. They genuinely care from their hearts. The fact that they are in recovery and talk about their experience is invaluable to the patients trust. Money cannot pay for what they bring to The River Source. I also found it empowering the level of trust you have in the residents. No cameras, no security guards, and the ability to earn privileges. You all are spot on when it comes to what you do. However I would like to point out several individuals who I feel are a sensual and go above and beyond. First of which is LLerena, from transport to cleaning and stepping up in the kitchen. She does her job with joy and humility. Bravo, the Boreal leader, that commands respect and gets it. All the BH cheese treat each resident with so much kindness. Diana, a firm but considerate nurse. River source not only saved my life but a gave it back to me. Thanks I will never forget and try to honor this experience.

-Tim D.
Phoenix, AZ