Tonya B – October 2009

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I was brought to The River Source from the hospital because I needed help with my alcohol and drug addiction.

I was very suicidal when I got here and didn’t know if I could do this again, or if I even wanted to. I was depressed and just wanted life to end.

What I came to realize was that God never stopped believing in me and was still there to help me if I was willing to ask and let go of my old ways of living and thinking. I have never worked all 12 steps and surely never was honest with the first 3 steps. Here I have worked all 12 steps as honestly as I can and will continue to work them again.

I want to live now and I have faith and hope in God, that I have never felt before. I have felt, seen and heard God since I have been here and will continue to keep this new found faith through prayer and meditation, along with helping others to see what God and the steps can do for them.

-Tonya B