Tonya L. – July 2013

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Alcohol is my addiction and my life has been full of chaos. I needed to do something to change so I chose to come to The River Source. My experience here was amazing. The staff and the clients are truly here to help and they are genuinely care because they have been down the same path of addiction whether it’s the same addiction doesn’t matter.

The River Source has helped me to let go of control I thought that I had over my alcoholism. They gave me the tools to use. I always knew what I had to do to be sober I just never wanted to do it because I wasn’t ready to turn my will over. You do have to be willing and you do have to do it for yourself that’s the first step. I have done the whole “quit” thing time and time again but it was never for me but someone else and it got me nowhere.

I would recommend the river source without a doubt, I have been in one other rehab facility and the river source is far above that experience. The staff alone has by far exceeding my expectations and the clients I have met here are an added bonus. I will never be able to say thank you enough.

– Tonya L