Tracy M. – January 2013

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I truly feel that The River Source program was a journey into my body, mind, and spirit. The medical staff in the clinic helped me to nourish and repair my body after years of abuse. The physical change is fast and dramatic, thanks in part to specific dosages of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, depending of what substances you used and your state of physical health. The group classes, led by addiction experts and behavioral professionals, worked with my mind to help understand the disease of addiction and the 12-step solution. The additional one-on-one counseling sessions helped me to navigate through a myriad of issues that were underlying my addiction/disease. By working through the 12 steps during treatment at The River Source, I rediscovered and strengthened my spiritual connection to god and the universe. This was critical to my emotional and mental wellbeing and is key to my long-term sobriety. I am so eternally grateful to The River Source and its comprehensive approach to recovery. Whether you’ve been through treatment before or not, I highly recommend The River Source for a complete mind, body, and spiritual transformation!

Tracy M. 1/9/13