Travis K. – Crystal Lake, IL

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I came to The River Source a hopeless dope fiend, being my third residential treatment center and my 8th treatment overall. I was skeptical on what would be different this time. I was angry at myself and at the program of AA because I had felt it had failed me. The River Source. Seemed to be different than the other programs I had attended. As long as I was honest with myself, open minded and willing. The help was provided. My parents had looked up The River Source and were convinced that this place would be different and they were right. At The River Source I found a new hope and new meaning to life. I had gained valuable knowledge and a connection with God that I had never had before. I’ve been in and out of the program of AA since the age of 14 and am now 25. I was never willing to accept God into my life, or a spiritual solution to the problem of addiction. I believe this was the foundation I needed to find in order to be successful. The 60 days I spent at The River Source was truly been an amazing journey. I’ve gained life-long friends and a sense of ease and comfort in which I have never felt before. Thank you River Source from the bottom of my heart.

The Dopeless Hopefiend