Trenton M. – Fort McDowell, AZ

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I was brought into The River Source by court order originally, and was said to be here 30 days but ended up doing ninety which I’m grateful I did. River Source was chosen by my substance abuse counselor to attend but I had a couple friends who came through here and I did remember the name of this place but didn’t think I’d step into it. My experience here has been pretty amazing, very unexplainable I have learned so much from other clients, the staff, people outside The River Source, the groups, and the meetings. River Source has definitely showed me that there is another way to live instead of the way I was choosing to live my life and with that I gained insight with the 12 steps, my sponsor, this fellowship, in life in general. My life is starting to come into place now just with having humility, acceptance, hope, my Higher Power to help guide me through things one day at a time and knowing I ain’t alone. I would definitely recommend The River Source to other suffering people who were like me at one point. I would just like to say thanks to those who really helped me out the most, my stay here was very comfortable once I stopped being uncomfortable, all the staff was great to me especially Chris Hanna, Scott Goldstein, Zach Lynch, Evan, Don Cohlman, and Sydney King. I am forever grateful and glad I was able to have this experience here.