Tyler K. – May 2010

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Well, I had an ultimatum to be homeless or get help. I was restless, irritable and discontent all the time. I couldn’t live or die. My parents found the River Source on line and wanted something out of state. My experience at the River Source was what I needed. My counselor helped me work through my problems and the fellowship was amazing. The staff was very helpful, Rusty and Sharmyn are very good at what they do. The River Source helped me learn how to grow more spiritually fit everyday and stay sober. My life today is exponentially better than I ever thought it could be before coming to the River Source. I am no longer restless, irritable or discontent. I enjoy the simple things in life and feel great. I would definitely recommend the River Source. The staff, especially Rusty and Sharmyn, are phenomenal . I couldn’t ask for anything more than I got here. The naturopathic clinic and the sauna are incredible. If anyone is on the fence about coming here, give it a shot. It is the people and the fellowship, not the facility, that make the River Source what it is.

-Tyler K.