Veronica C – Dec 2010

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I came to The River Source because I was addicted to morphine and my parents were very worried about me. They were afraid I would kill myself, end up in jail or on the streets. I looked online and found I could come here for 90 days for less money than I could have gone anywhere else for 30 days. I am very grateful for that because this program is amazing! My experience here has been wonderful. Like everyone I have had my fair share of problems, but the staff has helped me so much. The doctors have addressed all my physical problems and the counselors and caregivers have helped me address all my mental and emotional issues. I have completely enjoyed being a member of this family, with so many brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles; this treatment center is nothing like a hospital, it is a home, safe and secure, and with all the love you could ever want. River Source has changed me from being a victim of circumstance and a dependent child into a strong, happy, helpful adult. I have inner peace and serenity today that I never thought was possible. Today I am able to see the joy, beauty and excitement of life. Thank you River Source for giving me the tools to succeed in this world, and thank you for showing me how to live, happy, joyful and sober! I would gladly escort any addict here for recovery or even anyone who wants to live a happy joyful life.

Thanks Again!

-Veronica C.