Vicki and Steve G. – Gilbert, AZ

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We are happy to give a testimonial to River Source. Our son, Aric H. spent 30 days at River Source. When he entered we were afraid we were going to lose him to the disease of alcoholism. His life was totally unmanageable in just about every area. River Source managed his detox and has given us all hope. I am very happy that he is also participating in 8 weeks of aftercare. He has shown humility and has become dedicated to trying to lead a sober life. He is working the steps and attending meetings. Aric’s attitude about his life is changing and the program is helping him learn coping skills for the negative things that life might bring him. He is practicing gratitude. We are extremely grateful to River Source and the employees that worked with Aric. A special thanks to Kathleen, Aric’s counselor, Zachary his life coach and Scott G. Mark was especially helpful in assisting in Aric’s registration when he entered. I received 2 to 3 calls a week from people working with Aric, updating me on his progress. My husband and I appreciated that so much! I was especially happy with the holistic approach, treating body, mind and spirit. I would recommend River Source to anyone with an addiction problem! I am glad I found River Source on the internet.